Quality Overview

Kayla Knix Wheeles, Thomaston Mills Scheduling CoordinatorBy Kayla Nix Wheeless, Scheduling Coordinator 

As a 24 year employee and hometown girl, I have worn many hats at Thomaston Mills. I started as an automatic hemmer operator.  Striving to move up, I then moved to an automated machine operator, flat sheet area supervisor, ticket room supervisor (bar code generating and labeling and then inventory management.  My current role of 20 years as the Scheduling Coordinator ensures a product is put in production in a timely manner so we can deliver it to a satisfied customer on time.  I am proud to be an employee of a local company that has positively impacted our community for over 100 years.

At Thomaston, we have the ability to customize to your needs.  We can sew colored hem thread products to distinguish sizes in your laundry as well as print CIM and kaumograph ID markings to prevent pilferage.  Special sizes and labeling are routine here at Thomaston Mills.  With imports, these options are virtually impossible unless the customer orders 4 months or more in advance.  In our industry, most customers do not have the luxury to wait that long.

Thomaston Mills sheets look better longer because of their construction and finish.  This becomes even more apparent over many launderings as Thomaston white sheets remain smooth, white and crisp while imports often turn yellow or gray and wrinkle excessively. Our colors also maintain their shade where others fade in institutional laundering.  When you waste time and energy with extra ironing and handling and have to replace sheets frequently, you are not saving money!

Our own in-house quality lab ensures ongoing compliance with all of our specifications for important physical characteristics.  This includes thread count, weight, tensile strength, and many other quality points.  Our quality is widely considered to be the best in our industry.  Our care for our customers shows in every one of our sheets.

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