Island Stripe Pool Towels

Green, Yellow and Blue Island stripe pool towels folded and stacked. Thomaston Mills Towels.
Green, yellow and blue island stripe pool towels hung over a railing. Thomaston Mills Towels.
Blue island stripe pool towel hung over a railing with yellow and green island stripe pool towels rolled on a table. Thomaston Mills Towels.
Blue island stripe pool towel displaying Island Stripe by Thomaston Mills label on top of a green and yellow island stripe pool towels
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Island Stripe pool towels are engineered to deliver superior comfort and luxury over the long term despite the stresses of institutional laundering. With high quality yarns, strong weaving, shade control, colorfastness and reinforced selvage edges, these towels are built for long term value. Don’t lose money by buying low-cost goods you need to replace frequently. Save money by using the lowest cost-of-use products available, Thomaston Mills!

  • 100% Cotton, Plush and Super-Absorbent

  • Ring Spun 20/2 Soft Pile Loops

  • Vat-Dyed Colorfast Colors

  • Fast Selvages for Enhanced Strength

  • Available in these color combinations:

    • White with Pacific Blue Stripes

    • White with Tropical Green Stripes

    • White with Pineapple Yellow Stripes

  • Ideal Blend of Luxury and Practicality for Pools and Beaches

  • Durable Premium Towels for Hotels



Island Stripe Pool Towel Specifications.

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