T-180 New Era

A bed made with Thomaston T180 Sheets and Pillowcases.
Thomaston T180 New Era Pillowcases folded and stacked on top of Thomaston T180 New Era Sheets.
Thomaston Mills white T180 New Era Sheets folded and stacked.
Thomaston Mills white T180 New Era Fitted Sheet folded.
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New Era sheets and pillowcases are designed to be the most durable and economical imported sheets available in the institutional linen market. With superior weaving, high heat set finishing, consistent shade control, and reinforced stitching, New Era sheets will wear better longer than most imported percale sheets on the market.

  • 55% Cotton/45% Polyester

  • Classic Single Pick Insertion Percale

  • Woven on Sulzer Looms

  • Crease Resistant Finish

  • Heat Set for Shrinkage Control

  • Consistent Shade, Reinforced Stitching, Selvage Edges

  • Designed for Economy Hotels

Thomaston Mills T-180 New Era Specifications.

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