Thomaston Duvet Covers & Shams

White Thomaston Mills Duvet Cover and Pillow Sham Stacked.
Thomaston Mills Pillow Shams on top of pillows on a bed made with a Thomaston mills duvet cover
The edge of a bed made with Thomaston Mills duvet cover and pillow shams
The corner of a Thomaston Mills pillow sham on top of a Thomaston Mills Duvet cover
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Thomaston duvet covers and pillow shams are engineered to save you money! Our fabrics set the industry standard for durability and the design of our duvet covers are made with your housekeeper’s valuable time in mind. In stock in our standard T-200 and T-310 Satin Stripe fabrics, our factory also specializes in low minimum quantities and quick turn-around time for custom projects, including our other stock T-180, T-250, T-250 Satin Stripe and T-300 fabrics. Contact our salespeople for your duvet cover and pillow sham needs today. Save money by using the lowest cost-of-use products available, Thomaston Mills!


  • Full Width Opening for Easy Duvet Insertion

  • Exclusive Internal 15” Envelope Closure

  • 7” Hand Pull Openings for Easy Duvet Pull-Through

  • No Unsightly Tie Closures

  • Made in USA of domestic or imported greige fabric

  • 5 dozen per size minimum on non-stock items


  • 2” Flange

  • Unique Envelope Closure with 6” Overlap

  • Made in USA of domestic or imported greige fabric

  • 20 dozen per size minimum on non-stock items



Thomaston Mills Duvet Covers & Shams Specifications.

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