Thomaston Healthcare

Thomaston Healthcare Green and Stiped Sheets and Pillowcases folded and stacked.
Operating Room with Green Thomaston Healthcare Sheet.
White Thomaston Healthcare Sheets and Pillowcases folded and stacked.
White Thomaston Healthcare towels folded and stacked.
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Thomaston sheets and towels are designed to withstand the intensity of healthcare laundries. Engineered for durability, our full line of linens for hospitals, nursing homes/assisted living, and other health care facilities is designed to save money for our clients by being the lowest cost-of-use line in the market. Don’t lose money by buying flimsy, low-cost goods you need to replace frequently. Invest in long-term value, Thomaston Mills.

  • Vat-Dyed Surgical Sheets

  • Impressions Stripe Pastel Print for Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

  • T-180 Thomaston Percale USA Finished and sewn in White and 4 Colors

  • Economical New Era Imported White T-180 Percale

  • Cam Border Towels

  • Royal Suite Luxurious Dobby Border Towels

Thomaston Mills Surgical and T180 Specifications.Thomaston Mills New Era and Cam Towel Specifications.Thomaston Mills Dobby Towel Specifications.

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